Interjection 1



1.    Hey! You left me behind.

2.    Ouch! That soup is hot.

3.    Oops! The plate broke.

4.    Well, I guess I’ll go.

5.    Hurray! We won the game.

6.    Wow! John hit the ball far.

7.    Hurry! I saw something scary in the cave.

8.    Alas! I cannot go with you.

9.    Shh! I heard something.

10.    Ah, I see what you mean.


Fill in the blanks with correct INTERJECTIONS

Eek!, Oh!, Oops!, Wow!, Hey!, Aha!, Ouch!, Ah!, Well, Ugh!

1.    ________ He stole my watch.

2.    ________ That hurts.

3.    ________ I think I’ll go.

4.    ________ I hate rats.

5.    ________ What a cute kitten.

6.    ________ I lost my pencil.

7.    ________ The bus left.

8.    ________ How exciting.

9.    ________, I guess you can have my soup.

10.    ________ I slipped.


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