Nouns 1

Direction: Read the sentences and then choose the correct answer.

(คำแนะนำ : ให้นักเรียนอ่านประโยคและคลิกเลือกคำตอบที่ถูกต้องที่สุด)

1. He has two__________in the bedroom.
a. chairs
b. table
c. bed
d. picture
2. The __________are playing football.
a. boy
b. children
c. child
d. football player

3. This __________is for you.
a. Photos
b. presents
c. picture
d. flowers

4. My mother likes to eat __________.
a. egg
b. a kilos of apple
c. a bread
d. an apple

5. Dang lives in Phrae for a __________.
a. years
b. month
c. days
d. hours

6. There are many __________in that river.
a. crab
b. frog
c. snake
d. fish

7. Thailand and Malaysia are the names of__________.
a. cities
b. towns
c. countries
d. countrys

8. I drink _______________a day.
a. three cups of coffee
b. two cup of coffee
c. a cup of coffees
d. cups of coffees

9. My father likes eating____________________.
a. strawberry and cherry
b. cods and trouts (ชื่อปลา)
c. tomatoes and potatoes
d. an apples and a bananas

10. Mary and Jenny have lovely __________.
a. teeth
b. foot
c. doll
d. puppies


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